Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

Jillian meets Great Grandpa Everett

Avery Rose meet Great Grandma Rose

You like my Grinch bow?

A very special visit from Santa!

Listen sister, I can get that out for you!

Just laying around

Avery trying out green beans!

Jillian getting a tube free nap

I can roll over now!

I love to stand up!

In the last month the girls have grown so much! Jillian got to come home with her feeding tube. We scheduled surgery for a g button and then decided to give her a feeding tube break for a night. That was 4 nights ago and it is still out. We're praying she continues to eat well so that another surgery won't be necessary. In the meantime, she's rolling over and beginning to giggle. She's much happier now that she's off all medications and is tube free!
Avery is now trying out veggies at lunch time and still loves her rice cereal. Just recently she's been really fussy and low and behold, I felt a tooth today! She loves to stand up and I'm pretty sure if she could walk and drive a car she'd be at college right now.
We can't thank everyone enough for all of your prayers for our family. Please keep them coming. Jill's moving in the right direction and we want to keep it that way!
In addition to all the changes with the girls, I've decided to not return to teaching. It takes two, sometimes 3 to take care of the girls right now because Jillian is still working on eating. We had already started discussing my not returning to work in the Fall, but given the circumstances with Jillian's recovery we went ahead and made the decision for me to being staying home now. It was not an easy choice to make, Jacksboro has been so good to me, but ultimately my family must come first.