Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back on the Grid

To say these girls keep us busy is an understatement!  Add to that baby lambs and all the work that requires, buy the time I can sit down to blog I'm tired and not up to it.  The latest on the girls' world is they are 20 almost 21 months, wow time flies!  They love to go to the park and play, and they have no fear when it comes to slides or climbing anything.  They are saying new words everyday, but Mama doesn't always know what it is they are saying.  The story of a toddler's life for sure.  Avery is figuring out how to jump and Jillian loves to stomp her foot when she dances. What a blessing these two little monkeys are to us.  Here are a few recent pics...

St. Patty's Day.  We didn't want to sit still for a picture, this was the best we could get.

Avery at the Egg Hunt in Oklahoma

Jillian loves to wear a hood.

Jill tunneling

Avery helping clean up after the Egg Hunt

Avery tunneling

Avery just hanging around

Jillian modeling the dress from her Easter basket

Jillian in the basket

This sums Jill up, class clown!

Aiden showing off his face paint

Sweet cousins

Playing with a new toy

Check it out mom! (Jillian)



Jill was dancing


Helping Mama make Bunny Bait!