Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sweet baby girls

Big enough to play in the bath together now!

We're coming for you mom

Avery - love this face!

Jill - such a ham for the camera! Check out her teeth.

Getting better at sitting up every day

Avery has figured out that pulling the puzzle apart is so fun

Love this sweet smile

Just playing in our room

Waiting on lunch!

Trying to crawl is tough says Jill!

Watch out for Avery, she's on the move!

I just think this pic of Jill is funny!

Grandma and Aunt Laura giving us our Prevacid

Sweet sweet girls

With our cousin Aiden

Making noise with this thing takes teamwork!

With Aunt Miranda...we should have spit up on her shirt!

Our Great Aunt Bev gave us this shirt...need we say more?

We know those of you who follow us would like us to post more often, but if you had our internet you'd understand. It is terrible!!
The girls are going to be 8 months tomorrow and they are reaching so many milestones! Both of them have several teeth and will bite you with them if you don't watch it. After much practice, they can both sit up on their own and are strong enough to take baths in the big tub at the same time. This is much easier on mom and way more fun! Just this week they discovered that splashing is great and they love to chew on their rings, soapy or not. Avery just crawled this week and she's now starting to pick up speed, oh no!!! Jillian is really close to crawling and my guess is in a few more days she'll have it down.
Grandma has gone home and will start her new job next week! We miss her lots, especially when the girls don't want to nap. We've finally got a daytime routine down and I'm so glad that I'm able to stay home with my babies. What precious blessings these two girls are in our lives!