Saturday, May 5, 2012

Family Vacation

We had a great time crawling and playing in the condo!  And yes...Jillian had to taste the floor.

Exhausted after Canton

Jillian sporting her new swim suit!  Isn't she cute!?!

Avery is equally adorable in her new suit!!

Waiting  for Dad to get back so we could go swimming

The return of the runny noses

This week we went to our timeshare out in East Texas for our first family vacation!  The girls did AWESOME!!!  They had a fantastic time crawling around in a new place, and they loved the big mirrors in the bathroom.  We ventured to Canton and got some really cute dresses for the girls, but we didn't stay too long because it was HOT!  We did meet a set of girl twins who are one day older than ours.  The girls went swimming for the first time and they weren't too sure at first, but once they were in they loved it!!!  (Sorry, no pictures of swimming because it took both Mom and Dad.)  We had a really good time and are so proud of how the girls were so easy going the whole time.  Of course everyone thought they were precious.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The latest and greatest!

Avery playing with the girls' favorite toy

Jillian says, "Huh?!?!"

Avery is our book worm



We are big readers!

Our first Easter and first trip to Oklahoma!

Jillian and Avery

Avery is so tired from our trip

So is Jill



D'Ann (and baby Endres) and Jaime with Jill and Avery

Lisa and Jill and Max's Birthday Party


Avery and Jill on St. Patty's

Vroooom Jillian

Avery riding the dinosaur

Jillian playing at Luke's house

Avery and Luke


Good news, we upgraded our internet and it is much faster!!  Hopefully that means more frequent blogging now, but with two almost 10 month old kiddos I'm not making any promises.  The girls are doing fantastic as they approach the 10 month mark.  In the last month they've had check ups with all doctors and we have nothing but good news to share.  Their pediatrician is thrilled with their growth, development, and was shocked at the number of teeth they have!  8 for Jillian and 7 for Avery.  I was proud to tell him they are crawling machines, they're pulling up, and beginning to cruise along the furniture.  Both girls visited the GI and he says they look great and gave us the plan for starting milk at 1 year, please pray that they have outgrown their allergy.  Jillian saw the cardiologist and as always Dr. Roten was so excited to tell us that her heart function is beautiful!

Aside from doctor visits, the girls have had a busy few months.  We took our first road trip Easter weekend to visit Wes' family in Oklahoma.  After packing everything but the kitchen sink and worrying that the trip would be stressful, we are happy to say that they did AWESOME!!  They slept both nights, did great on the road, and charmed everyone...of course!  We're even gearing up to leave tomorrow for our first family vacation.  We've also had several playdates with our buddies Luke and Jack, Max, Connor, Georgia, and Tatum.  We took Dad to ride the mini train in Ft. Worth, one of my favorite past times with my Grandparents.  This past weekend we had our Harris NICU Reunion, and while we didn't see many nurses that the girls had, we did get to catch up with some of the families that we met.

We couldn't be more blessed with our girls.  They are funny, sweet, smart, active, flexible (in many ways), loving, beautiful, and perfect in every way!