Sunday, September 16, 2012

You're the reason God made Oklahoma, and we're sure missing you.

This weekend we went to Oklahoma to visit Wes' family.  Friday night we went to the Kay County Fair in Blackwell and the girls were celebrities!  Everyone wanted to see the twins they've heard so much about.  Saturday we headed over to the 16th Celebration in Wakita and saw Great Grandpa Everett and Great Grandma Rose.  The girls had a great time playing and dancing with their cousin Aiden at the parade!  Afterwards, we met Great Grandma Vera for dinner to visit.  We had a great weekend, but are now hoping that Avery's stomach bug doesn't travel through the family and that everyone feels perky in the morning.  Thank you PaPa and NaNa for letting us come visit!

Jillian and Aunt Miranda, Nana and Avery





The fam

Rolling in our wagon

Swinging at Papa and NaNa's house

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

These just in...

I know these are old pictures, but I was able to make the right connection at Cook Children's to get copies of them sent to me.  Aren't we all so glad we don't have that feeding tube anymore!?!?  These are of Jillian and one of the GI Nurse Practitioners, they were taken to use in a registration brochure. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This eve while I cleaned up the kitchen and the tornado of toys, the girls went outside to help Daddy with chores.  They played while he watered, having a great time walking, sitting, and eating mud and other fun outside delicacies.  I finished up and snapped a few pictures, and I happen to love them thanks to the setting sun.  I think they look like sweet angels with the beautiful light behind them.  (If anyone is any good at editing let me know, I'd love to learn using these pictures.)  If you're wondering, Jillian is in pink and Avery is in yellow.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer Fun!

Jillian and Daddy at the North Texas State Fair

Mommy and Avery on the girls' first carousel ride

Hanging out in our tent, Avery's cheesin' it up!

Game day!!  Their shirt says, "My Daddy loves Mommy, Me, and the OK State Cowboys!"

Daddy had this same shirt when he was little.

"Avery!  Smile for the camera!"...this is what you get.

Jillian is a ham!

We seriously love legos!

Jillian playing in the sprinkler

Avery in the sprinkler