Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Girls!

This afternoon we sprayed down with bug spray and got some much needed fresh air!  The last time the girls played with their slide they didn't show a lot of interest, but this time they were all about it!  Both of them climbed the stairs up to the slide on their own and went down the slide almost on their own, just a hand hold needed!  And of course Jillian had to try to climb up the slide!

Avery climbing up the steps

Jillian going up the steps

Captain Jillian steering the ship

Avery got really good at climbing...I'm sure this is not a good thing.

Jillian going down...

...and trying to go back up!

Sweet Avery

Eating leaves and riding the bike

Snacking on more leaves

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random Happenings

Avery's first Chicken 'n Dumplings.  She loved them!

Jillian thinks Great Aunt Susan makes great dumplings!

My last batch of formula!

Avery, Great Grandma, Mommy, Grandma, Jillian

Jillian in Daddy's boots

Aunt Laura came to visit!

Cornmeal sandbox fun!

This would be Jillian

Bucket Head Jillian

Branson Vacation

Playing with rocks at the condo, the weather was beautiful this morning!

Sweet Avery face

Jill trying to pick up the giant chess pieces.

Avery chose a much more reasonable checker

A park we found by Bass Pro to stretch our legs

Jillian loves swinging

First trip down a tube slide

Avery isn't so sure

Peek-a-book with Daddy

Checking out the fish at Bass Pro


Do I look as silly as you?

Bungee maze

Explorer Jillian

Explorer Avery

With PaPa and NaNa at the Butterfly Palace

Sweet chubby she didn't touch it

Jillian's bow legs are so cute!

Just checking things out!

Avery driving the boat.  Yes, it was moving!  No pretending here.

Jill driving the boat, Dad was much less nervous than Mom.

Family fun!

Jill helped me unpack

Avery entertained

We survived our first BIG vacation.  A whole week away from home, thank goodness PaPa and NaNa met us in Branson halfway through the week to help!  The girls did great traveling, eating, sleeping, and playing for almost the whole trip.  We are so glad they are flexible and usually just go with the flow.  It also helps that our sweet friends the Masons lent us their portable DVD player and monitors.  I'm sure Wes never wants to hear Micky or Elmo again, but it was so worth it!

After a day of traveling we got the lay of the land on Monday and rode the "Duck" to check out Branson.  The girls slept through the whole duck ride and we weren't able to get any pictures.  Tuesday we played at the condo and had a "normal" day so the girls could get adjusted.  Wednesday we met Wes' friend Scott and his son Lucas in Springfield so the guys could catch up.  We checked out the original Bass Pro and had dinner.  I was sad Sarah couldn't make it, but as a teacher I totally understand how the first day of school goes.  Thursday PaPa and NaNa were there and we ate at Lambert's Cafe, the home of "throwed rolls," and it was delicious.  We also went to the Butterfly Palace and the girls loved the mirror maze and the bungee maze, they were better at all of it than the adults!  PaPa and NaNa babysat Thursday night so Wes and I could have a date night.  We went to see The Price Is Right Live! It was entertaining, but would have been better if they called me to, "Come on down!"  I did get to spin the wheel...for a small fee of course.  Friday we shopped, ate, and rode the riverboat, and I think the girls had had enough by this point. Today it was another day on the road and they did great!

Wes and I decided we need a vacation from our vacation, traveling with 13 month olds is exhausting, but it was worth it!  Bags are now unpacked, laundry is going, and babies are in bed!