Saturday, May 5, 2012

Family Vacation

We had a great time crawling and playing in the condo!  And yes...Jillian had to taste the floor.

Exhausted after Canton

Jillian sporting her new swim suit!  Isn't she cute!?!

Avery is equally adorable in her new suit!!

Waiting  for Dad to get back so we could go swimming

The return of the runny noses

This week we went to our timeshare out in East Texas for our first family vacation!  The girls did AWESOME!!!  They had a fantastic time crawling around in a new place, and they loved the big mirrors in the bathroom.  We ventured to Canton and got some really cute dresses for the girls, but we didn't stay too long because it was HOT!  We did meet a set of girl twins who are one day older than ours.  The girls went swimming for the first time and they weren't too sure at first, but once they were in they loved it!!!  (Sorry, no pictures of swimming because it took both Mom and Dad.)  We had a really good time and are so proud of how the girls were so easy going the whole time.  Of course everyone thought they were precious.

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