Thursday, July 21, 2011

daddy feeding Avery

Jilly looking much better!

Most of my tubes gone!


Burps like a sailor!

Today was a great day for all of the McCurrys!! Avery's doctor called this morning and said she was ready to room in, so we're here at Harris spending the night with her. If all goes well, she goes home with us tomorrow.

Jillian's doctor called this morning and told us her recovery was going so well that she's moving out of the Pediatric ICU and back to the NICU! She looks so much better and was all smiles and eyes open when she arrived back in the NICU. They began feeding her again this evening, 10 mLs of breastmilk every 3 hours, and she's taken all of it from a bottle! The focus for her now is that her body heals from surgery, she eats well, and gains weight. We're hoping she won't be too far behind Avery with her discharge. All of the nurses and doctors are impressed with her recovery. She's a strong little girl and proof that prayer works.

We feel so very blessed to have these two babies in our lives. Please continue to pray for Jillian's recovery so that we can be a family of 4 at home very soon!


Lisa Synrod said...

Yay! So happy to hear Jillian's doing so well. I hope all goes well with Avery tonight and you can take her home. Love you! -Lisa

Katrina said...

You two are so blessed with beautiful baby girls!! Girl's are wonderful!I can't look at your picture's without feeling so much emotion. Just remember the prayers have been said,we just need to thank God everyday for what we all have prayed for. You only have to ask him once and then just thank him and praise him with all your hearts everyday! Love you Guys!!

Jill aka "Honey" said...