Wednesday, July 13, 2011

goods and bads!

Blessed House!

Avery and her big girl bed!

Jason and Avery

Mandy and Avery

Avery looking very Alert!

Grand ma and Avery

Turbo, and Steph came by

2nd cousin Charley and Avery

Steph and Jilly

Turbo and Jilly

Brooke got to leave the hospital and she is doing fine physically. It was an emotionally tough day b/c we left with out our two girls. We are at the Ronald McDonald House and it is a great place. We are very blessed to have this resource and the Lord has provided for us!

Both girls are still progressing fine, both increased their feedings. Not a lot of change, and that is OK. Jilly is scheduled to move to Cook on Sunday to get ready for her shunt on Tuesday. We are not excited about the girls being at two different hospitals, but that is the way it is going to be and we believe that is the best for them as well!

Please continue to pray for our lil' babies and the teams of medical staff that love and care for them each day!