Friday, July 15, 2011

Kangaroooooo time!

Snuggle time!
Sister love! Avery left, Jillian on Right

Avery says peek-a-boo


Avery likes her new hat, she did not have a choice since she spit up on her other one!

Jillian Ruth, bearly awake

The girls and I got to have lots of snuggle time this morning. Kangaroo Care is good for all of us! Both girls relax and I get to enjoy holding them close. It's amazing to think that a week ago they were in my in the world did they fit?!?! God is Amazing!! Our lives are already richer thanks to His sweet blessings.

Had one of a million breakdowns as I entered the hospital and saw a woman leaving with her baby today. That's the hardest part is leaving them there, but I've decided when they can go home I'm making the hospital staff wheel me out with them just like they would if they hadn't had to stay in the NICU.

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers, love, and support. Please continue to pray for our girls. Avery needs to gain weight and take all of her feedings from a bottle. Jillian needs strength for surgery next week and that she heals quickly.



P.S. Wes says if everyone in "blogland" behaves he'll try to get some videos up. We're having technical difficulties at the moment.

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Jackie said...

That is the hardest part Brooke. Seeing everyone else get to take thier baby home. Just hang in there, all will be right soon. Thinking about you, if you need anything, let me know. BEEN THERE DONE THAT!!!