Friday, July 15, 2011

strike a pose

I pulled my feeding tube out! Nurse was not as happy as I was!

who is going to be the rowdy one?

HI sister

matchy matchy

love you!

kissy kiss

Mr. Cal came to see us

Tonight we had a photo session with the girls! They were so cute in thier tutus (even though Dad said they'd never wear them). Avery stayed wide awake the whole time and her actually looking at her sister for the first time was priceless. Jillian slept through the whole thing, but she's had a busy day. Kangaroo Time and a bath (spa time) will wear a girl out you know. Of course, after we finished taking pictures and got her out of her clothes she woke up and looked around. Oh well, I've know she'd be difficult for quite some time now, just ask any sonographer that tried to take a look at her. : )

We are so grateful that our nurses let us have this opportunity tonight. We are preparing to move Jillian to Cook sometime on Sunday so we don't know when our next photo op together will be. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we do!



Anonymous said...

They are both beautiful...may God's blessings rain down on your family. Mike and Karen Thornton

Anonymous said...

Thank you sharing with us Brooke! The girls are beautiful! Many, many thoughts & prayers are being sent yalls way - but you already know that don't you! We're all so very happy for your family! We can't wait to see all of you walking down the sidewalks of Jacksboro together!!!! Love yall!
Brenda Tarpley

Anonymous said...

love all the pics!! I knew it wouldn't be long and they would be in tutu's and Wes would love it!! Prayers for you all..glad you had great helpful nurses tonight! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Prayers are going up for all of you!!! A friend forwarded me your blog as our baby boy had heart surgery in February at 4 1/2 days old. Know that God IS listening and HE does hear your prayers and all of the prayers going up for sweet Jilly & Avery!
Tomorrow will be challenging, but the cardiac medical teams are amazing! Babies are resilient and it's only a matter of time before this is behind you and you & your girls will be home as a family!!
Hugs to all of you and remember HE will watch over your precious angels!!!
Kerri M.