Tuesday, July 19, 2011

surgery day

Hooked up to a lot of stuff! but I'm one step closer to going home!
My OSU bed!

I don't wake up very often, but I woke up for about 10 min right before my surgery.

she was looking at us like "don't be scared......... God, me and the surgeon got this"

The nurse had us on OU red last night and I told her that we are an OSU family, came back today and she had Orange and Black on her bed, she rode of to surgery looking like Pistol Pete with pistols firing!

Jeff came to see Avery Yesterday

And so did Kori!

Jillian had her surgery today and we got a lot of answered prayers! She did great and the surgeon said it went well. Her arteries are different then most and that will complicate the repairs later on. It is still able to be repaired but will require more surgeries than originally thought. Pray for her heart to grow over the next 6 mo to a year so that we can proceed with the original plan in 3-6 mo.

We are hanging in there, today was step 1 to get these girls home!

Thanks for all the love and support



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Emily said...

Jillian is a strong girl- total trooper! She is looking good and her nurses are sweet to prepare her with some orange and black for her big day. I love y'all & I'm praying for y'all always. AOE & xoxo