Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jill's all closed up and Avery rolled over...kind of!

Jillian is closed up and looking much better

Her numbers are fantastic!!

Thank you Dr. Tam!

Avery was tuckered out after playing

I rolled onto my side all by myself, and my fingers are delicious!

Jillian has finally been closed up and we are so glad! All of her numbers are holding steady right now so they have just begun weaning her off of the vent. Her doctors are very pleased with her progress, they just had to let her do it on her time. They are continuing to give her lasix to get
the fluid off and are keeping her comfortable on pain killers right now. She is a champ!!!
Not to be outdone, Avery decided to roll onto her side by herself today several times. She thinks it's a pretty neat trick! I would guess that in a day or two, she'll make it all the way over to her belly.

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