Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moving on up!

Happy to see you sister!
This picture says it all.

Rolling to my new room

So glad to be awake!

I don't know about you have a license to drive this wagon?

Jillian is doing AWESOME today! She started the day by pulling out her feeding tube and then not taking her bottle for the nurse so Dr. Roten was concerned it was going to be a rough day. However, she has taken all of her bottles for me and is nothing but smiles when she's awake. It's almost like she's seeing things for the first time, I can really tell how awful she felt before her surgery. I am so grateful for the doctors and nurses who have helped us all get through her surgery and recovery. All we have to do now is prove that she can take her bottles and gain weight, then we'll be homeward bound. God is amazing and I know he has been by our sides through this whole experience. He gave us Jillian and has helped make her healthy, I know she is going to accomplish great things in her life!

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Sharon Van Baale said...

"...and He healed them all." Matt. 12:15.

This is great news! I know y'all will be so glad to get home with both of your babies and begin to get your lives back to "normal" ...whatever that is!

I pray many more blessings to your family...........Sharon