Thursday, November 24, 2011

Uhhh Mom...this pillow they gave us is nice, but I don't think it's going to work.

Avery trying out the exersaucer

I LOVE rice cereal!

Jill rocking her button!

Our first Thanksgiving!

So we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, but most of all that we have two healthy baby girls! We have had a minor setback in Jillian's recovery though, she doesn't want to eat. It's not that she can't or doesn't remember how, she just doesn't want to. I'm not positive, but my gut feeling is it's the medicine they are giving her to wean off of the pain meds. She's very happy, but has no appetite. We are back in the hospital tonight and she is receiving continuous feeds through the night so she can make up for what she's missed. Tomorrow we will work on bottle feeding, but we have the feeding tube in now so that she can get the full feed even if it's not through the bottle. We're not at all happy to be back here, but we know that we have to do something now before she gets dehydrated. Otherwise, we'll have a much bigger problem on our hands.
In the meantime, Avery is VERY close to rolling over. We are all watching her and willing her to just have a little more momentum. She, unlike her sister, is very hungry and has started rice cereal. She LOVES it and we LOVE watching her eat it. She gets very excited and let's you know if you're not moving fast enough.

We are so very grateful for our precious girls, and they are most definiatly the best things we never knew we wanted. Please continue to pray for both of them, but most of all for Jillian's recovery and that her eating improves quickly so we can go back home.

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