Monday, November 7, 2011

We know...we're long overdue! : )

Sweet Jillian

Avery Rose


Grandma and Jill

Jill in her church clothes

Dedication, October 9th

Stretching feels nice!


Jacksboro's cutest!

Happy Jill

Happy Avery!

You have no idea how many pictures we took before both smiled!

Things have been busy at our house. Both girls are smiling lots and love to play on their activity mats. They've found their hands and are so cute when they put them together and grab things. They're getting so big and will go for their 4 month check up next week. Jillian is outgrowing her shunt and as I write this she is having a heart cath done. Hopefully this will tell us when her shunt needs to be replaced for a larger one.

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