Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch and More

Jillian and Avery say, "Let's Go Cowboys!!"

Jillian LOVES her leopard lovey!

Today we ventured out to the Pumpkin Patch in Flower Mound!  We met up with several of my sorority sisters, their husbands, and kids.  It was a fantastic time!  We missed Daddy, but he got to be on TV during the OK State game...he's famous!  I am SO glad that there were lots of hands to help with the girls because they are everywhere all the time!!

Nick with Jill

Jenn and Avery

Mommy pulling the wagon (the girls, Bobby, and Max)

Avery picking out a pumpkin

Jillian "Hercules" McCurry had to try to pick them up!

Ok, this was the best I got of our group picture.  We were minus Aiden at the moment.

Avery in the pumpkins

Check out this stem Mom!

Posing 15 month olds is not easy.

Riding in the pumpkin trailor

Jamie and her still growing pumpkin Lang taking a rest in the wagon.

When we got home from our adventure we HAD to play outside!

Avery (I love this one!)

Such a big girl

Leaves are delicious!

Love this one of Jill too!

 And just a baby girl update!  Both girls are cutting molars, Jill has one more to go and Avery has 3 to go.  They love to chase each other now and scream and squeal as they do it.  They are starting to say words and are great at no, night night, DaDa, and MaMa, plus all their different animal sounds.  In the last few days I'm pretty sure I've heard drink, shoes, and sissy.  And their latest and greatest accomplishment (much to my dismay) is they can climb up on the furniture.  They think this is great fun, we think it's terrifying!  Note the fun they are having below, they got up there on their own.

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