Friday, December 2, 2011

A good day!!

Jill's empty bottle!!

A very happy mommy and a tired Jillian

So today has been great!! Jill drank 85mL of two bottles and 90mL of her last one which is her goal! It has taken an army of people to get her to take them, but we've had success. Many thanks to the nurses and care partners who have danced, talked, and sang to Jill to keep her awake and going. If we continue to have success through the night they'll hopefully take her feeding tube out tomorrow. Then another 24 hours of success and we can go home!! Keep praying and thinking positive thoughts, we're making a break through!!

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Ashley Murray said...

I am so proud for y'all!! I am keeping on praying for y'all to have a good night and good next 24 hours so you can go home and spend time with your whole family.