Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jill's Home Again

I took 105mL and my goal is 100mL! Mom and Grandma were excited!

Avery loves to suck her thumb

Mom, this tape is not very fashionable.

Avery and Jill checking each other out

Baby circuit training

I rolled over ALL BY MYSELF!

My hands are always in my mouth

Avery and Jill chatting it up while Jill gets fed through her tube.

Avery "reading" her book at the dinner table

Jill got to meet some of the Dallas Cowboys before she left.

Jillian is home now, feeding tube, pump, and all. We were glad when the doctors said that there was no reason to sit in the hospital and do what we could be doing at home. Therefore, I learned how to drop a feeding tube so we could go home. Jillian's days vary from hour to hour, but we think that we've found the right combination of meds. She's weaning off of the methadone, so we've started a routine of Tylenol and benadryl to help take the edge off. It seems to be working so far, she's taken more of her bottles today than any other!

Avery is officially rolling from back to belly, and belly to back now. She's very proud of herself and we're proud of her too. She's so much happier now that we're all home and she doesn't have to get in her carseat everyday. We're waiting for the day she begins to laugh out loud, I'm sure it's not far off. She's working very hard to learn new things, I think it's because she wants to be ready to teach sister when Jill is well again.

While this is not the ideal situation and we would rather Jill be off all meds and without the feeding tube, this arrangement is much better than the hospital. We have a way to go still with her recovery, but we are so grateful for the progress that has been made. Her heart is functioning beautifully and she stays PINK all the more blue baby!!

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